St. Barbara and St. Cunegunda Catholic Churches

Dearborn and Detroit - Michigan

Spreading the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ one person at a time

 In July of 2000 St. Barbara Roman Catholic Church in Dearborn clustered with St. Cunegunda Catholic Church just five minutes and six miles away in Detroit. Clustered parishes are two independent parishes with one Pastor at the helm. Fr. Zbigniew Grankowski has shepherded our parishes through the initial struggles of clustering to the point that we are now one family. As one of our children pointed out at a recent Sunday Children's Liturgy (every week at 11:130 a.m. at St. Cunegunda) the parish family that PRAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER!  Both parishes have a rich ethnic history having been formed by Polish American Catholics in 1924 and 1927 respectively.  We continue that tradition by welcoming people of all nationalities and ethnicity so that on any given Sunday you will hear songs and readings in English, Polish, Spanish, Italian and more and you can count on Fr. Zbigniew to add a Kyrie Eleison or Agnus Dei to the Mass! We welcome you to join us.