St. Barbara and St. Cunegunda Catholic Churches

Dearborn and Detroit - Michigan

Spreading the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ one person at a time

When you click on the myEoffering button you will be asked to set up an account for automatic withdrawal from your bank account. You will be able to select either St. Barbara or St. Cunegunda, to receive your donation.  Credit cards are also accepted on  myEoffering

At St. Barbara we need to replace the school roof. This roof was new 26 years ago and for the past several years Mr. Tim Lemons from Pro Roofing has been patching and repairing until we can patch and repair no more. It is unacceptable for ceiling tiles to be falling in classrooms and so in order to provide a safe environment for our children the roof will be replaced. This is a huge expense. If you can help or know of someone who would like to help St. Barbara with the cost of replacing the school roof please feel free to have them call and speak with Father Zbigniew. 

At St. Cunegunda we continue to make repairs as necessary to our big, beautiful boiler! This year we have to replace the water feed system so that the boiler does not fill with fresh water all the time but rather recirculated water.  We will add years to the life of the boiler (fresh water leaves a lot of sediment and chemicals) and we will save water (and you know how much water costs!) . The church roof has done really well the last few years with no major issues but this year we have some significant repairs to do.  So once again, we rely on the support of our friends to help St. Cunegunda keep going and in good shape.

You are the reason we can continue to keep our buildings in efficient working order. Thank you and God bless you!

Please make donations payable to:

St. Barbara Church or St. Cunegunda Church.

Mail or drop off your donation at: St. Barbara Church, 13534 Colson, Dearborn, MI 48126 or place with the Offertory at any Mass. 

Mass Intentions can be made by sending in your request to the parish office or by placing in the Offertory basket. 

When was the last time you lit a candle for someone you love? Yes we still have real candles in our churches. The donation for a seven day candle is $5.00. If you would like a candle lit but can't make it to church to do it yourself just send a note with your donation to the parish office. We will be happy to do it for you. We are here and lighting candles for your intentions.