St. Barbara and St. Cunegunda Catholic Churches

Dearborn and Detroit - Michigan

Spreading the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ one person at a time

"No one ever became poor by giving." Anne Frank

And we might add, that whatever you give, God gives back immensely more!

Lenten Almsgiving Envelopes are available at the entrances to both churches. Please consider making a Lenten Sacrifice Offering to help defer the costs of making our churches as energy efficient and environmentally conscious as possible. These beautiful churches have been entrusted to our care by the generation who sacrificed to build them so that we might celebrate the Holy Mass and the Sacraments in a very special place. Now it is up to each of us to keep our church a fitting place to praise and pray to God. 

To make a donation to one of our parishes please make checks payable to either:

St. Barbara Church or St. Cunegunda Church.

Donations may be mailed to or dropped off at: St. Barbara Church, 13534 Colson, Dearborn, MI 48126 or placed with the Offertory at any Mass. 

Mass Intentions are invited and encouraged. Mass Intention envelopes are at the entrances to the church or see an Usher for assistance if you don't find one. Mass intentions may also be made in person at the parish office. Please be sure to call ahead if coming to the office as our hours have changed.

When was the last time you lit a candle for someone you love? Yes we still have real candles in our churches. The donation for a seven day candle is $5.00. If you would like a candle lit but can't make it to church to do it yourself just send a note with your donation to the parish office. We will be happy to do it for you.

When you click on the above button you can choose where you want your donation to go. You can also choose which parish, St. Barbara or St. Cunegunda, should  receive your donation.  Credit cards are accepted on  myEoffering

Support from friends and parishioners is what every parish depends on to remain viable. We depend on you to keep the Light of Christ shining bright in East Dearborn and Detroit. For all that you do, THANK YOU - your weekly support; your participation in the life of our parishes; your contributions at Christmas and to the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA); honoring  people and events like weddings and Baptisms with a rock or leaf on our beautiful Tree of Life; and Legacies - making sure that your final wishes reflect the role that your Catholic Faith played in your life by including your church in your estate plans. For all you have sacrificed - Thank You.   God bless you for your generosity and support.