St. Barbara and St. Cunegunda Catholic Churches

Dearborn and Detroit - Michigan

Spreading the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ one person at a time

When you click on the myEoffering button you will be asked to set up an account for automatic withdrawal from your bank account. You will be able to select either St. Barbara or St. Cunegunda, to receive your donation.  Credit cards are also accepted on  myEoffering

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their donations or signed up for electronic giving during this shut down. Thank you for understanding that the parish still has expenses, just like every home or business entity does. We promise to be the most conscientious stewards of your offerings so that when the day comes that we can worship together again inside our beautiful churches everything will be as it should be. Thank you for all the offerings of assistance for our families who are out of work. God bless you ahead of time for all your support. 

Please make donations payable to:

St. Barbara Church or St. Cunegunda Church.

Mail or drop off your donation at: St. Barbara Church, 13534 Colson, Dearborn, MI 48126 or place with the Offertory at any Mass. 

Mass Intentions will be scheduled once the suspension of services is lifted. However, if you wish to send an intention in now we will hold on to it until the time comes that Masses are offered again.

When was the last time you lit a candle for someone you love? Yes we still have real candles in our churches. The donation for a seven day candle is $5.00. If you would like a candle lit but can't make it to church to do it yourself just send a note with your donation to the parish office. We will be happy to do it for you. We are here and lighting candles for your intentions.